Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

How to wash fruit and vegetables

Due to the abundant use of herbicides and pesticides, most fruits and vegetables should be washed before eating. Even if the product is labeled "organic," washing will remove dirt and residue that should not be consumed.Thick skinned fruits and vegetables can be peeled before eating.



    Use a vegetable brush and cold running water to scrub away dirt and grime from fresh fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, apples or any other item that will be served with the skin on.


    Use a gentle soap mixture to remove any traces of chemicals from the fruit or vegetable. Alternatively, special fruit and vegetable washes are available at most grocery stores.


    Peel the fruit or vegetable if you're still in doubt about what might remain on the skin.


    Run a cold water wash over berries or other small fruits and vegetables to remove any residue.


    Remove layers from produce such as leeks and lettuces under cold running water to remove dirt, grit and chemical residue.

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