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How to Whiten Dentures Fast

How to Whiten Dentures Fast

Knowing how to whiten dentures fast can keep you smiling. Nothing is more embarrassing than stained or discolored teeth. Keep your smile bright by cleaning your dentures regularly and avoiding foods that stain them.



    SCRUB - Scrub your dentures with water and baking soda every day and then rinse them with hydrogen peroxide. This will keep them white on a daily basis. You can then brush them with your favorite toothpaste and give your tongue and gums a good brushing as well.


    STUBBORN STAINS - Bleach your dentures if you have a stubborn stain. You should not need to bleach them on a regular basis, only if they have a stain that your daily routine does not remove. Place your dentures in a glass bowl with enough bleach to cover them. Leave them soaking for up to a half hour or until the stain is removed. Rinse them thoroughly for a couple of minutes and then brush them with your favorite toothpaste.


    FOODS TO AVOID - Make sure that you avoid foods that cause stubborn stains on dentures such as coffee, tea, and dark berries or juices. It is easier to prevent the stain.


    FOODS TO EAT - Eat foods that naturally help keep your dentures clean and your mouth fresh. Foods such as lemon, raisins and ginger keep your teeth naturally clean and whitened.

    You can whiten dentures fast when you need to.

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