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How to Help a Teen Lose Weight By Exercising

How to Help a Teen Lose Weight By Exercising

An overweight teen that manages to lose weight has a better chance of keeping good habits throughout adulthood. Thus, helping a teen lose weight by exercising is a step forward in improving health and self-esteem. With the demands of homework and after-school activities, it can be challenging to squeeze in additional exercise. According to psychologist Bryan Alman, being positive, caring and respectful is the best way to help teens lose weight. You can also help a teen lose weight by encouraging an active lifestyle.



    Spend time talking with your teen about how he feels about his body. Don't ask pointed questions. Talk about his feelings and find out if he's satisfied with his fitness level. Discuss ways to become more physically active, how it may result in weight loss, and how he feels about getting into shape.


    Make it a family affair. Doing so will make your teen feel less self-conscious about losing weight. Plan out family walks and activities such as hiking, trail walking biking, bowling and swimming.


    Set a good example. As a parent, you should exercise on a regular basis to help establish a routine and inspire your teen to set weight loss goals -- and achieve them through exercise and proper diet.


    Purchase beneficial workout DVDs. Your teen might be shy about working out in front of other people -- exercise DVDs allow her to work out in the privacy. Together, create an exercise program that enables her to watch the DVDs at least three times a week.


    Nurture an activity or sport. Buy him a pass at a local pool if he enjoys swimming. If he likes group sports, sign him up for a class through a local community center. Playing sports is an effective, exciting and engaging way for your teen to exercise and lose weight.

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