Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

How to Grade Your Yard Away From Your Home's Foundation

Basement leaks are often caused by improper grading around the house that allows water to pool around the foundation. Correcting this problem may lessen or even eliminate the flooding.



    Assess the severity of the problem. Are there a few easily filled depressions, or does the area around the house require major regrading?


    Order a delivery of fill dirt (unless you have some available on your property) and fill in the small depressions if these are your only problems. You can probably find your fill at a local construction site or at a local nursery or landscaping supply house. Allow the dirt to settle, and check back in a few days (after a rain). If the area is still depressed, add more fill.


    Consult with an excavation contractor or a landscaper with grading experience if your yard requires more extensive work. The job may require the operation of heavy equipment or the installation of foundation drains and other projects beyond the ability of most home owners.


    Discuss options with the contractor. Make sure you discuss the impact of the work on your property, such as tree removal or damage to shrubs and other landscaping. Be aware that this kind of work will probably cause considerable damage; allow room in your budget for seeding, sod and plantings.


    Execute a contract with the contractor.

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