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How to Lose Weight by Eliminating Soda

How to Lose Weight by Eliminating Soda

Eliminating soda is an effective way to lose weight when you consider the empty calories and high sugar content of soda. A review published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" claims that even 12 oz. of soda a day can cause a person to gain 15 pounds in a year. A 12-oz. can contains 39 g of sugar with 140 calories, and a 20-oz. bottle has about 250 calories and 65 g of sugar. A 32-oz. cup has 364 calories and 91 grams of sugar, and 55 oz. of soda contains a whopping 744 calories and 186 grams of sugar.



    Start gradually cutting back on your soda consumption. Figure out how much soda you typically drink in a day and decrease that amount by 25 percent for a week, 50 percent the next week, then 75 percent. By the end of four weeks, you should be soda free.


    Replace soda with healthier cold beverages such as water or fresh brewed tea. Having bottled water and other low-sugar drinks on hand will make it easier to avoid resorting to soda. Juice is also high in sugar; you should drink it moderation if not avoid it completely. Stay away from coffee as well since it is high in caffeine.


    Energize yourself by exercising in the morning, taking a brisk walk during a break at work or beginning a new hobby. Increased activity can help keep you alert all day rather than relying on the temporary sugar rush soda gave you, followed by a quick drop in energy that kept you going back for more.


    Sleep better by eliminating soda and the caffeine, sugar and carbonation that goes with it. Since caffeine increases your heart rate and causes you to be alert, and carbonation can cause bloating and stomach gas, eliminating these substances will help you sleep more comfortably.

    Getting quality sleep will help you lose weight because sleep evens out the hormones that control your hunger and fullness cues. Not getting enough sleep leads to being less satisfied and overeating.

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