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How to Build a Raised Garden with a Rock Wall Border

How to Build a Raised Garden with a Rock Wall Border

If you are looking to add beauty and style to your backyard, a raised garden with a rock wall border is a wonderful way to create a new, fresh look. A raised garden with a rock wall border is sure to amaze your friends and family, and make your backyard the place to be on a lovely summer day. Does this Spark an idea?



    Plan where you want to build your raised garden and rock wall border. If you have a fence surrounding your yard, it is beneficial to use that as the back of your raised garden, because that will require less construction.


    Purchase or find the materials that you need to build the beginning of your raised garden: lots of dirt and rocks. You'll need large rocks for the bottom of your rock wall border, so make sure to have rocks that are large and similar in size to build the foundation of your rock wall border.


    Dig a small indentation where your rock wall will be. This will help to ensure that your rock wall has a strong base. Pile dirt that was dug up behind the rock wall to help the rocks stand strong.


    Place the first layer of large rocks around the perimeter of where your garden will be. If you are using a fence as the back and/or side of your garden, do not line that part with rocks. You only need to create new barriers with rocks, not reinforce existing barriers.

    Fill in any gaps in your rock wall with smaller rocks. You'll need to make this as solid as possible because you do not want dirt or weeds to escape through the holes in your rock wall.


    Place dirt in the back and front of your rock wall. The dirt in the back can be tall because that will be filled in, but the dirt in front should not be too high because this is just for the wall's security.


    Continue building your rock wall until it reaches an appropriate height. The height of your retaining rock wall will vary by preference, however, a rock wall can be less than a foot and still look simple and lovely around a raised garden. If you need to, place rocks behind your retaining rock wall (where the garden will be) to support the wall. These inner rocks will be covered in dirt, so use your less attractive rocks for this purpose.


    Spread a layer of dirt as high as your rock wall throughout the area where your raised garden will be placed. Pack the dirt as tight as you can. Do not use less dirt than you need - you will want your raised garden to be the same height as your rock wall border.


    Plant any plants that you want. You may want to plant larger plants (bushes, trees, shrubs) towards the back so you have more flexibility to plant smaller plants near the front of your garden. Make sure to give all plants the distance they need from each other to grow properly.


    Cover all of the dirt in your new raised garden with mulch. Make sure not to accidentally cover any of the plants in your garden. The mulch will serve two purposes: to beautify your garden and prevent unwanted weeds from growing.


    Spread a thin layer or mulch on the outside of your retaining rock will. This will help to prevent weeks from growing into your raised garden from the outside.


    Maintain your garden as time goes on. Some rocks may fall. Make sure to place them back where they belong. Remove any weeds that may grow. Water your plants regularly to maintain the beauty of the garden.

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