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How to Lose Water Weight Caused by Birth Control

How to Lose Water Weight Caused by Birth Control

One of the big side effects from many of the hormonal birth controls is weight gain. Most experts agree that the majority of that weight gain is from water. The estrogen in the birth control is responsible for the excess water gain. However, there are some things you can do to lose your water weight.



    Cut down on your salt intake. Salt can cause water gain and it may be best to cut all processed foods, processed soups, salty snacks and processed meats from your diet to decrease any water weight you may have. Even diet sodas (if you drink in excess) can lead to too much salt in the diet.


    Talk to your care provider. A different type of hormone birth control may not have the same side effects for you. You may need a hormonal birth control with less estrogen. In addition, your weight gain may be due to factors other than your choice of birth control.


    Exercise regularly. This may help flush any excess water of your tissues by improving blood flow throughout your body.


    Drink more water. If you are dehydrated or at constant risk of dehydration, your body will actually hang onto excess water to keep your body running. Increase your water intake, cut down your caffeine and alcohol intake and see if this helps you lose any water weight.


    Be patient. As your body gets used to the extra hormones in your birth control, your body may naturally flush away the excess weight over a few months.

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