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How to Lose Weight Fast At No Cost

How to Lose Weight Fast At No Cost

It is important to keep your weight under control. Excess fat can increase your risk for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer. Although it is essential to be at a healthy weight, losing weight can be expensive. Gyms and pre-packaged diet foods can cost a lot of money. A balanced diet and exercises at home do not cost anything. Weight loss can be free if you follow the proper at-home steps.




    Eat low fat yogurt for breakfast. Top your yogurt with fresh fruit or try blending with fruit for a smoothie. The live and active cultures will keep your stomach less bloated.


    Eat about ten almonds for a heart-healthy satisfying snack.


    Enjoy a spinach salad topped with grilled chicken and chick peas and add 1 tsp. of oil and one tsp. of vinegar to top it off for lunch.


    Eat an apple for an afternoon snack. This will keep you full due to its high fiber content.


    Enjoy grilled salmon with a cup of homemade vegetable soup for dinner.



    Take a 30-minute walk if the weather permits. If the weather is not cooperative, go up and down the stairs of your home at least five times. If you don't have steps, walk around your home. Boost your workout by changing your walk to a jog or run.


    Work your abdominal muscles by doing crunches. Lay flat on the floor, put your hands at the side of your head so that you are not pulling on your neck and pull your body off the floor just a few inches. If you are having a hard time keeping your feet down, slide your feet under your couch to keep them down.


    Work your biceps by lifting weights. Instead of buying weights, try holding a canned vegetable in each hand. If you want heavier weights, try two same-sized bottles of detergent. Start by keeping your palms faced-out and slowly curling the weights up toward your shoulders. Slowly bring them back down. Repeat 12 times.


    Work your upper and lower body simultaneously by doing squat thrusts. Squat down with your weight on your heels. Touch the ground and place hands on the floor in front of you. Jump your heels behind you so that you are in push-up position. Hold your body in place and jump and put your body back into squat position. Slowly roll up. Repeat eight times.

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