Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

How to Set the Yacker Tracker

Teachers and daycare centers can utilize the Yacker Tracker to help control the noise level in their classrooms. The Yacker Tracker looks like a traffic light and gives both visual and audio reminders to the teacher and students when the noise level is too loud in a classroom. A green light indicates the noise level is acceptable. Yellow indicates the noise level is rising and red alerts students that they are being too loud.



    Find a location in the room to place the Yacker Tracker. The Yacker Tracker can sit on a bookshelf or be hung directly on the wall.


    Plug the AC adapter for the Yacker Tracker into an electrical outlet.


    Set the sound level by rotating the decibel dial on the front of the unit clockwise. The Yacker Tracker sound level can be set between 50 dB to 110 dB.


    Adjust the siren sound volume or by turning the alarm volume dial located on the bottom front of the unit or turn the alarm off completely.

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