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How to Lose Weight in the Feet

How to Lose Weight in the Feet

Many people who have thick feet and wide ankles often wonder if there is any way to lose weight in these body parts. Unfortunately, there is no fast way of accomplishing this without surgery. If you want to slim your ankles and your feet, you must lose general body fat by eating properly and exercising regularly. Your body will naturally adjust its proportions, resulting in somewhat smaller feet and ankles.



    Limit your calorie intake. If you consume large amounts of calories from fast foods, sugars, soft drinks or naturally fatty foods, your body will build up this fat as storage. By watching how much you eat, you are forcing your body to utilize the fat stores for energy instead.


    Increase your activity level. If you are currently fairly active, increase the duration of the exercises. Focus on sports that utilize your feet and ankles. Walking briskly, rollerblading, swimming, skating, biking and dancing are all excellent activities.


    Increase protein intake. A steady amount of protein will help your body build muscle overall. The more muscle your body has, the more calories it expends during exercise. As a result, your total weight will decrease, thus slimming your ankles and feet. Choose sources of proteins that are low in fat, such as soy beans, lean cuts of chicken and egg whites.


    Do ankle and foot exercises. Flex and rotate your ankles in circular motions. Use ankle weights to build up your resistance and burn any excess fat. Calf raises also help to strengthen and tone your lower legs, including your ankles and feet.

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