Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

Foods to Lower Cortisol

Cortisol levels have a direct relation to stress and moods, anxiety in particular. Certain foods, such as candy, baked goods and any high-glycemic foods, tend to raise cortisol levels. If you suffer with anxiety or feel overstressed, you should eat foods that lower your cortisol levels. Here is a list of foods that lower cortisol:


    Because meat is low in sugar and high in protein and vitamin B12, it can greatly reduce cortisol in the body.


    Eggs are a low-glycemic index food that lower Cortisol. They are also high in omega fatty acids, which can have stress-relieving properties.

Oily Fish

    Oily fish, such as snapper and salmon, lower cortisol levels and are also high in protein and omega fatty acids.


    Berries have high levels of vitamin C, which fights against cortisol buildup in the body.


    Oranges are also high in vitamin C and eliminate cortisol, making them a great stress-relieving snack.

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