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Diet Plans That Really Work

Approximately sixty-six percent of U.S. adults struggle with weight issues, says Medline Plus. Eating large portion sizes or not getting enough physical activity may contribute to this challenge. Weight loss is a basic equation: calories consumed versus calories burned. When you reduce calorie consumption or burn extra calories through physical activity, weight loss will occur. Choosing a diet plan that fits your lifestyle, however, can help you lose weight and keep you from jumping from diet plan to diet plan.

Mayo Clinic Plan

    The Mayo Clinic recommends the "Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid" for successful weight loss. This program isn't full of restrictions; it takes a pyramid approach to eating.

    Four servings or more of vegetables and three or more servings of fruits should be eaten daily. Up to eight servings of carbohydrates and seven servings of protein should also be consumed. Three to seven servings of protein can also be eaten. Sweets should be kept to 75 calories or fewer each day, says the Mayo Clinic.

Low-Fat Diets

    Low-fat diets can be effective, when portion control is monitored closely. Low-fat foods are usually reduced calorie, which decreases the amount of calories consumed each day (resulting in weight loss). When using this diet plan, don't forget to count calories. People can gain weight when eating too many low-fat foods and not paying attention to calories, says the Mayo Clinic.

Group Diet Plans

    Group diet plans, like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, can be effective for people who enjoy support from a group. These plans provide detailed weight-loss programs, and weekly weigh-ins to monitor progress. Some of these programs are available online, making it easier for people with busy lifestyles to participate.

Meal Providers

    Another diet plan for busy people is the meal provider. Such plans are more expensive than other methods and ship ready-to-eat foods to your doorstep. Perishable items, such as fruits and vegetables, will need to be purchased. This plan may also be good for people who don't like to plan meals.

Diets to Avoid

    When choosing a diet plan, make sure you can follow it indefinitely. Plans that are too restrictive are difficult to follow long-term. Low-carb diets and glycemic index diets may be difficult to sustain because of the limitation on carbohydrates, says the Mayo Clinic.

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