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How to Lose Weight Like Oprah Winfrey

How to Lose Weight Like Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a popular talk show host whose weight loss journey has been well chronicled. It hasn't always been easy for Oprah, but she seems to have finally found a way to keep the weight off. Find out what it takes to loose weight like Oprah.



    Hire a personal trainer. Oprah has a personal trainer to motivate her and keep her on-track. A personal trainer will be there to push you to do that extra mile on the treadmill when you want to give up, or convince you to avoid caloric sweets.


    Get Bob Greene's book. Bob Greene is the personal trainer who helped Oprah to lose weight. He offers practical advice on how to successfully lose the pounds and keep it off. If you have the will power, his advice and suggestions will help you successfully lose weight.


    Work through the emotional baggage. Oprah spoke of emotional eating being one or her biggest problems. Oprah is not alone in this. Many people use food as their consolation and their reward. It's vicious cycle. Admitting that there is a problem and taking responsibility for your actions is the first step in conquering emotional eating.


    Sign a contract with yourself. Bob Greene had Oprah sign a contract with herself vowing to try her best as she worked towards her weight loss goals. This is a good idea. Put the contract somewhere you can see it and it will motivate you to close that freezer when you want that gallon of ice cream, or to rise from the couch and exercise when you feel like napping.


    See a doctor before starting any exercise or diet regimen. While it's true that every diet and fitness program offers this disclaimer, most people ignore it. Oprah has the resources to consult her physician whenever she needs him. You should consult your doctor at the start of the diet and once ever two months as the diet continues. It could be that an invisible health problem, such as an underactive thyroid, is holding you back from your weight loss goals.

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