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The FBF Diet

The FBF Diet

You may have seen reviews or recommendations about the FBF Diet or Fat Burning Furnace online or on television and are wondering about the details of this diet. Released as an ebook in 2006, this is a fitness and fat loss program designed by Rob Poulos. Poulous is the founder and CEO of Zero to Hero Fitness. In addition to writing FBF, Rob also released another ebook called "Seven Fat Loss Secrets." The FBF is an exercise and meal plan designed to help build lean muscle mass, lose fat and increase your resting metabolic rate.


    The FBF diet is a two-part diet that focuses on exercise and a balanced meal plan. According to the FBF website, this diet promises that it will show you how to get strong and healthy for life. This diet states that it is not a fad but more of a lifestyle change. Additionally, individuals are told that they will be able to lose weight on the FBF diet without counting calories.


    The exercise routine of the FBF focuses on high-intensity training to increase your resting metabolic rate. Rob Poulous designed the strength-training plan for the FBF to help dieters boost their resting metabolic rate. Your resting metabolic rate is the number of calories your body burns a day doing basic tasks such as breathing and keeping your heart beating. The workouts on the FBF diet will help you build lean muscle mass, which will increase your resting metabolic rate and help you lose weight.

    The high intensity workouts begin with a beginner's routine and build from there. The workouts are designed for individuals who workout at home or for those who have access to a gym.

    While you will not be completing traditional cardio workouts while on the FBF diet, these workouts are completed at such a high intensity by doing fast weight-lifting repetitions that you will increase your heart rate while you are weight lifting. This means you will be getting your cardio and strength training at the same time. Rob Poulous refers to this combination as the 15-minute miracle. On the FBF diet, you will only workout two to three times a week.

Meal Plan

    The FBF Diet meal plan focuses on well-rounded, whole foods. The FBF diet book covers topics such as organic foods, managing leptin, glycemic index, portion control and food alkalinity. The meal plan focuses on eating a lower carbohydrate diet to promote the body to burn fat storages for energy. The FBF meal plan does include a vegetarian option. On this diet, you will eat three meals a day and two snacks. Most meals are designed to have a whole grain carbohydrate, a lean protein and two servings of vegetables.


    The FBF diet provides dieters with an easy-to-follow meal plan and workout routine. When purchasing the FBF diet online, dieters will have instant access to email coaching and the ebook comes with a 60-day refund policy. As of May 2010, the FBF diet cost $40 online.


    The main downside of the FBF diet is that it requires individuals to have access to a gym or a large selection of free weights and strength training machines to be able to complete the fitness portion of the diet.

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