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How to Get Rid of Under-Eye Circles

How to Get Rid of Under-Eye Circles

There are several possible theories for why we get dark circles under the eyes. Even with a finished look after applying cosmetics, some dark circles are still visible. Here are some helpful tips for getting rid of those raccoon eyes and looking refreshed and at your best. Does this Spark an idea?



    Get enough sleep. Try to get a minimum of eight hours of sleep. Try sleeping propped up on a pillow to reduce puffiness.


    Add aerobic exercise to your routine. Some researchers blame poor circulation for causing dark circles. The skin under the eye is thin and can look shadowed from blood vessels under the skin.


    Moisturize your face and pay special attention to the under-eye area. Dull, dry skin only accentuates existing dark circles.


    Purchase eye creams that contain Vitamin K which helps with bruising and can minimize those dark circles.


    Use sunscreen and moisturizers with SPF. Sun can cause the pigment in skin to darken, so protect the area under the eyes to minimize the sun's effects.


    Use concealer in a shade close to your natural color or one shade lighter.


    Try an antihistamine. Some dark circles are caused by allergies or an illness.

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