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A Low-Cholesterol Diet Plan Menu

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in blood and the body's cells and is necessary for the body to function properly. Unfortunately too much cholesterol can lead to health problems such as heart disease. In order to reduce the risk of a heart attack some doctors may recommend sticking to a low-cholesterol diet. A low-cholesterol diet can help people reduce health risks and become healthier.


    Breakfast is an important meal. A proper breakfast can help you feel full longer and reduce the urge to snack. Have a cup of whole grain cereal with a half a glass of low fat milk, 1/4 a cup of raisins and half a grapefruit. Another option for a low cholesterol breakfast is a half cup of egg substitute mixed with half a cup of vegetables. Serve with a slice of whole wheat bread topped with a small slice of soy cheese. Drink with low-fat milk.


    For lunch choose low-fat vegetable soup. Top with high-fiber crackers or a low-fat cheese such as parmesan. Eat 2 oz. of lean hamburger with an ounce of low-fat cheddar cheese. Have lettuce and tomatoes on the burger. Serve with a green salad and an oatmeal cookie. Instead of a burger have a low-fat sandwich composed of 2 oz. of tuna mixed with olive oil and celery. Place on a whole wheat English muffin.


    Make a meal centered on protein. Place a 3 oz. piece of chicken or piece of salmon on the broiler. Season with oregano, parsley, orange juice, lemon zest and a teaspoon of cider vinegar. Serve with brown rice topped with chopped red pepper. Steam a cup of broccoli and top with a teaspoon of low-fat cheese. Have a frozen strawberry yogurt for dessert and a cup of tomato or vegetable juice. Alternatively top a soft taco with 2 oz. of lean beef, chopped tomatoes, lettuce and low-fat shredded cheese.

Other Rules to Follow

    There are other ways you can shun cholesterol as well. Avoid commercially prepared pastries such as breakfast croissants, popovers, donuts, muffins and sweet rolls. Prepare such items at home using low cholesterol ingredients if desired. Use only two eggs a week. If additional eggs are desired use egg substitutes instead. Consume wild rice. Look for whole wheat pastas if possible. Avoid instant hot cereals and anything fried. Seek out oats, bran and barley instead.

The Right Oils

    Avoid items made with saturated fats, lard, shortening, coconut oils and palm oils. Use olive oil and other unsaturated oils instead. Sprinkle sunflower oil in salads. Make marinades from sesame oil or soybean oil. Use sparingly to reduce consumption of fat.

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